The great work of Kenny Partington

We became Facebook ‘friends’ only a short while ago, but I have fallen in love with Kenny’s work. Please enjoy as much as I have. Some days you never find anything that inspires you, but if you look you will find.

Copyright to Kenny Partington

Copyright to Kenny Partington

WTF .. Another day shooting in the best city in the world

Background ..

Had enough with discussions about what is ‘art’ .. It is what is is OK??!!

And RIP Kirsty 10 October 1959 – 18 December 2000

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Life goes on ..Despite

It happened and we grieve for the parents and families of those so needlessly killed. I said I would not post again today, but something made me look back at some older material of mine and somehow I felt that I needed to change my mine. So these are images of the wonderful De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill. Taken back in 2009 when the summer was warm and life was so different.

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The fabulous work of Laura Morgan continues ..

photos for good

S and her mother contemplate a brighter future for the younger woman.  At seventeen and already a mother herself, she lives in a small village in Northern Thailand.  Her baby was taken from her by the father, as is common with unmarried girls like S. She had been a sex worker but now her sole occupation is looking after her mother. I suspect her mother is capable of looking after herself, she certainly isn’t that old, but she has come to rely on S entirely.

They live in extremely impoverished circumstances: a hut furnished with two sleeping mattresses and cooking utensils. Nothing else. The bamboo creaks and gives spectacularly as we gingerly step inside. S shows us her birth certificate, the first, essential document she’ll need if she applies for Thai citizenship. Like most of the villagers, she is a descendent of immigrants with no rights to education or recognition…

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